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The Rev. William Morris

Assisting Priest for Engaging Local Communities

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The Rev. Will Morris was ordained in the Church of England in 2009 and was part of the clergy team at St. Martin-in-the-Fields for ten years. In addition to helping establish the healing ministry at St. Martin’s, his main focus was on exploring links between church and the workplace, and on issues involving faith and work. He believes passionately that the workplace is an integral part of God’s creation, and while definitely not perfect (what is?), is a critically important place for Christians to live out their faith and engage with the world. He has published two books: Where is God at Work? (2015) and Love thy Colleague (2017).

Will has recently returned to Washington with his wife Michelle after 16 years in London. Will is a UK lawyer by training, and US lawyer by adoption.  He worked in DC in the 1990’s, first in private practice and then at the Treasury Department across the Square. After Treasury, he joined GE in Connecticut, moving back to the UK in 2003. He returned to DC to work on tax policy at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Will and Michelle have three daughters, one who works on Capitol Hill and the other two attending college in Maine and Vermont.  Will has degrees in history from Trinity College, Cambridge, in law from the University of Virginia, and in contextual theology from St. Mellitus College, London.

Will is an assisting priest at St. John’s, which means he is keeping his “day job,” as he did during his years at St. Martin’s. In addition to Sunday liturgical duties, his primary ministry is helping St. John’s develop ways to engage the spiritual needs of the thousands who work in the neighborhoods that surround us.