Welcome to St. John's Church, Lafayette Square—a vibrant historic Episcopal church located across from the White House. We invite you to join with us for worship, Christian fellowship and outreach.


From our organization as a parish in 1815 to today, St. John's Church has provided a powerful symbol of faith in the heart of our nation's capital.


At St. John's, we believe Christ is calling us to be a renewed church in a changing world. In worship, education, parish life, and social action, we seek to expand our horizons by serving God by loving one another.

Clergy, Staff, & Vestry

Meet St. John’s diverse and engaging clergy, vestry and staff.

Directions & Parking

Located at the corner of 16th and H Streets in Northwest Washington, St. John's is near the McPherson Square and Farragut North Metro stations. Limited street parking is available; free valet parking is offered for certain hours.
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Giving and Stewardship

For more information, contact Preston Cherouny, Financial Secretary, in the Parish Office at (202) 347-8766, ext. 316.

Stewardship Testimonials

Stewardship Testimonial: Toby Stock

Stewardship Testimonial: Sara McGanity

Stewardship Testimonial: Carl Ward

Stewardship Testimonial: Tony Anikeeff

“Do not neglect to do good and share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.” (Hebrews 13:16)

St. John’s Church is grateful for the contributions that parishioners and friends have made this year and in the past. When we reflect that all we have is evidence of God’s blessings—God’s gift to us—then our response will be to give back some of God’s own. As Christian stewards, our response is one of gratitude, and flowing from it, generosity. The question is not, “What does the church need?” but rather, “What do we need to give?” Instead of responding to a premise of scarcity, we are moved by the premise of abundance. Effective stewardship is driven by our desire to give, motivated by gratitude, and impelled by faith.

Giving is primarily a spiritual decision, reached after careful and prayerful thought. Giving reflects central parts of our spiritual life—about feeling and showing joyful thanksgiving for God’s grace. It is a glad offering of a portion of our wealth to doing God’s work.

There are several ways to make donations.

Gifts can be made in cash, by check, online, or through securities.

Plate offerings during a service are a time-honored way to give during a service. These offerings can be made with cash or a check made payable to “St. John’s Church.” Offerings made in honor or memory of a loved one or an event are welcomed.

Pledging is a decision to commit to a goal of giving a portion of our resources and sticking to it. A pledge is disciplined giving, a commitment with a purpose. It can be made by letter or email or online at any time, as well as through the annual pledge card mailed to all parishioners and friends in the fall. Those who pledge may receive offering envelopes by which they can give their donation spaced out over the year.

Capital giving helps meet expenditures that cannot be met through the regular annual parish budget. Major renovations and updates have been made to our church and Parish House during recent years and others are in the planning stages.

Planned giving refers to giving that is decided now but realized later. Typically, it is giving that is specified in a person’s will or through a trust contingent on a specified event. To frame the giving in the best way, contact the Parish Office as indicated below. In addition to gifts by cash and check, the planned giving section also discusses ways of giving appreciated securities, annuities, and distributions that can benefit both St. John’s and the donor.

The parish is listed as a 501(c)(3) institution under the US Internal Revenue Code. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Please send any donations to:

St. John’s Church, Lafayette Square
1525 H Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005

For more information, contact Preston Cherouny, Financial Assistant, in the Parish Office at (202) 347-8766, ext. 316.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why give to St. John’s?

Giving to a church is an expression of your faith and your love and commitment to one or all of the ministries of St. John’s.  A gift to this church makes it possible for us to hold regular services, engage in pastoral care, serve our neighbors in need through our outreach ministries, and join together as a faith community.

What is a pledge?

A pledge is a declaration of your financial commitment for the ministries of St. John’s in 2023. While donations of all kinds help, a pledge gives us the ability to budget for the upcoming year.  We hope that all members of St. John’s will make a pledge of some amount.  (What does it mean to be a member, you ask?  Click here for more information on church membership!)

How do I make a pledge?

You can fill out a pledge form now by clicking on the button below.

Or you can download, print, and mail the pledge form by clicking on the button below.

What are the sources of income at St. John’s?

Pledges account for 43 percent of the current year’s operating budget. Our endowment, made possible by the generosity of members over many years, accounts for 41 percent. Plate offerings make up 8 percent with the remaining 8 percent from miscellaneous income. Because of the pandemic, both of those latter categories will be lower this year than planned and will certainly need to be reduced for 2021, depending on when we will be able to regather fully.

What does my pledge support?

Worship and music, including clergy salaries, account for 39 percent of the current year’s budget. Outreach is 11 percent. Program activities make up 13 percent and administration, 17 percent. Physical plant expenses, including maintenance of our historic buildings, is 20 percent.

How do I know how much money to pledge to St. John’s?

Parishioners must determine for themselves what their financial circumstances allow.  Historically, church leaders encouraged “tithing” a percentage of income—often suggested to be 10%.  Of course, in some cases this may be more than is affordable; in other cases, this is far too small a number.  At St. John’s, the median pledge is around $3,000, but we receive pledges as small as $100 for the year and as large as many times the median.  We understand that families face very different financial needs.  A mentor of our rector’s used to say “Give until it feels good!”  Whatever the amount you can afford, the important thing is to join together with your fellow members of St. John’s in support of all that we do together.

May I pledge with stock or securities?

Absolutely. For more information, please contact Preston Cherouny, St. John’s Financial Assistant, here or at 202-347-8766, ext 316.

Is a pledge binding?

Your pledge is a commitment on which St. John’s relies. We understand, however, that circumstances change, for better and for worse, without notice. We ask that if you need to adjust the amount you initially pledge, whether to decrease or to increase, that you contact Preston Cherouny here or at 202-347-8766, ext. 316.

Are gifts to St. John’s Church tax deductible?

The parish is listed as a 501(c)(3) institution under the US Internal Revenue Code. All gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Seeking advice from your financial consultant is always advisable.  Click here for more information on tax deductibility.

May I include St. John’s in my estate plan?

Yes, and we have established the 1816 Society to honor these gifts.  The Planned Giving program encourages planned gifts in support of the mission and ministry of St. John’s Church. The twin purposes of a formal planned giving program are set forth in The Book of Common Prayer, page 445:

1)  To encourage parishioners to protect their families by having a will.
2)  To encourage Christians to include the church in wills or estate plans.

For more information on Planned Giving, please visit this link.


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