Pathways through Lent

Weekday reflections from St. John’s in the season of Lent.

Tuesday in the Second Week of Lent: February 27, 2024

I recently came upon a short sketch by digital creator Ellen Skrmetti, depicting a scenario of what it might look like if Jesus “took the wheel” from her. After mere moments, she began pointing out exits and speed limits to Jesus—and even asked if they could stop for a snack. All of these suggestions presumably were ignored, and they proceeded at Jesus’ pace.

Ms. Skrmetti conveys, albeit hilariously, how uncomfortable it can be to “let go and let God.” I too want to let go, but on my terms. I still want some of the control; better yet, I want to watch how Jesus drives and then take the wheel back and copy his method. Teach someone to fish, right?

During Lent, we have the opportunity to give up the wheel, even if for short snippets, as a way to grow in trust, patience, mindfulness, and relationship with God. As a habitual back-seat driver, consciously giving up the wheel is a muscle I need to strengthen, and by doing so, experience the journey of the season more clearly and fully—at Jesus’ pace.

Sara McGanity
Pathways Contributor

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