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The Rev. Robert W. Fisher

15th Rector, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Lafayette Square

Ext. 302

The Rev. Shawn Evelyn

Associate for Parish Life

Ext. 303

The Rev. Sarah Akes-Cardwell

Associate for Children and Family Ministries

Ext. 307

The Rev. William Morris

Assisting Priest for Engaging Local Communities

Ext. 319


Preston Cherouny

Chief Operating Officer

Ext. 316

Charley Griffin

Operations Manager

Ext. 305

Brent Erstad

Director of Music and Organist

Ext. 308

Dr. Lyn Loewi

Associate Organist

Lisa Koehler

Program Associate and Executive Assistant to the Rector

Ext. 300

David Evans

Hospitality, Administrative, and Program Assistant

Ext. 306

Headshot of Javier Obregon

Javier Obregon


Headshot of GeeGee Bryant

GeeGee Bryant

Assistant Sexton

Headshot of David Gamboa

David Gamboa

Assistant Sexton


Under the canons of the Episcopal Church, the Vestry of St. John’s, Lafayette Square is responsible for the economic health of the parish and for providing support for the ministry of the clergy.

The Vestry consists of the Rector, the Senior Warden, the Junior Warden, and twelve members of the Vestry. The twelve members serve staggered terms of four years and the wardens serve one-year terms. Parish elections are held each year in January.

Members of the Vestry serve on the major committees of the parish: Finance, Properties, and Stewardship. The Vestry is assisted by parish officers: the Secretary, the Treasurer, and one or more Assistant Treasurers. These parish officers are appointed by the vestry annually.

Wardens of the Vestry

Headshot of Nora Rigby

Nora Rigby

Senior Warden

Headshot of Alfred Thesmar

Alfred Thesmar

Junior Warden

Members of the Vestry

Class of 2025

Headshot of Krista Rimple Bradley

Krista Rimple Bradley

Vestry Member

Headshot of Wendy Fibison

Wendy Fibison

Vestry Member

Headshot of David Gallalee

David Gallalee

Vestry Member

Class of 2026

Headshot of Tony Anikeeff

Tony Anikeeff

Vestry Member

Headshot of Casey Evans

Casey Evans

Vestry Member

Headshot of Uche Onwuamaegbu

Uche Onwuamaegbu

Vestry Member

Class of 2027

Elizabeth Cavert Morrison headshot crop to 4x5

Elizabeth Cavert Morrison

Vestry Member

Headshot of Fruzsina Harsanyi

Fruzsina Harsanyi

Vestry Member

Headshot of Matthew Taylor

Matthew Taylor

Vestry Member

Class of 2028

Kaye Edwards

Vestry Member

Jack Reiffer

Vestry Member

Jess Unger

Vestry Member

Officers of the Vestry

Headshot of Sara McGanity

Sara McGanity


Nora Haugh

Assistant Treasurer

Headshot of Allie Raether

Allie Raether


Headshot of Harker Rhodes

Harker Rhodes

Parish Counsel